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    Welcome Memphis! Enjoy the live presentation of Memphis Depay as a Barça player from the pitch of Camp Nou in an English livestream.


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    1. SunShine ☀️

      I hate Barça

    2. The ShiKab Clips

      Welcome our dream team

    3. J.Carlos Ps


    4. Juan Tristan

      I'm just playing

    5. Nona Rmpn


    6. Роман Лонич

      Messi top, a ce vso shmarkazi


      Nike diseñó muy mal la camiseta del BARÇA. La única camiseta de los juegos en casa de la camiseta es hermosa. Esquema de color armonioso, no extravagante, bola mala como otros modelos. ¿Por qué el BARCA no diseña uniformemente el vestuario en un estilo de diseño como este?

    8. itz_ AB

      1:28:11 Leo Messi? yes yes you can play with him, you will love it yes yes


      lol good job barca, no more GOAT

    10. Mark Stewart

      Barca done we will follow Messi where he goes but if u get Dybala barca will win la Liga only

      1. Young Messi #thank_you_Messi 🐐👑

        Get out of this channel

    11. The Roy

      No Messi no barsa .... unsubscribe barsa and subscribe psg

      1. Diego_o

        @VoteCompMode bro he's not a true fan

    12. ajoy ajoy

      No messi No barca is my favorite messi my Boss

    13. GuitarQube

      With Messi gone(!!!) your club will not be half it's worth. Millions of fans will STOP watching Barca.

    14. Danie Johns

      It's still a dream Memphis and keeps Dreaming!!! Don't Wake up!!!

    15. Bucles

      La cagaron y... Yaaaa.....

    16. Deven Dunbar

      My mouth was open theeeee entire time.......the 2 folks on mic can be replaced with the nearest janitor.....did you hire shy teenagers? Didnt know La Liga was that bankrupt and oblivious......wait I did lol. Excited to watch the league sink now that the big two aren't being held up by the bigger two. Learn to manage money and plan for the future Spain

    17. Aziz7Aziz


    18. Tom Andrew

      no messi no hay fiesta

    19. BTS ARMY Gril 123

      I mean DEPAY

    20. BTS ARMY Gril 123


    21. Soccer HealCure

      Dedicated to Leo Messi’s departure from Barcelona after 21 years!? Messi who understands who you are!? Leo who understands this bizarre!? You don’t know who to blame!? This is Laporta, what a shame!? You crushed my Heart, what a flame!? Barcelona, where is your Alien!? One of a kind Milky Way Galaxy’s Brilliant!? You all will regret one day when’s too late!? That special day I’ll be happy to see your fate!? In Barca, we joyed your joy we cried your pain Is there anybody to tell me what we've attained!? It’s not over baby, it’s not over yet!? It’ll be a lot soon for you guys to regret!? Keep shining our Sun keep climbing!? Show Your magic, show their diming!? Tomorrow and tomorrows are Yours not theirs!? Who's chasing You now are all millionaires @

    22. Gilang Pratama 03

      Messi come back Barcelona 😭

    23. Lil-x _666_x-

      Messi is leaving so he won’t be able to play next to him

    24. Amiya Biswas

      We hate bersolena

    25. Amiya Biswas

      We done unscriber bersolena channel

    26. Amiya Biswas

      We are not see bersolena match now bcz messi leaves

    27. Amiya Biswas

      Bersolena will lost all leauge

    28. amal muhammad


    29. amal muhammad


    30. amal muhammad


    31. Mouhamadou ben sakhir Diop


    32. Just Cliff

      had dat geld aan Messi gegeven

    33. zarhino mzv

      q sanken fuera a laporta y depay son una estafa

    34. Marek xyz

      good luck Memphis ! be yourself ! play yours ! M POLAND

    35. gg Nikola

      How many ⚽️🅰️ and 🏆 for Memphis?👉🦁👈 comment down 👇

    36. Yash Kaimariya

      Who else finished this almost 2 hrs lond video in just 10 minutes ?

    37. Mark Munemo

      Whos the girl

    38. Ross E. Baum

      This guy is going to fail hard.

    39. Lennox3581 Lewis

      Max 25 goals

    40. Cara berolahraga dirumah saat pandemi covid 19

      She Need a cloth


      As you said talent.. as much don't say Insane.... Si


      the lady that doesn't want study, it aint't kid, it kits.. lexico y estructuras debeias estudiar


      please don't say words like ?? insane... Hear sport is for health

    44. Asra Asra

      😂😂😂laporta kisses again

    45. great football


    46. El Have

      Oficial que? antes hay que incribirlo en la liga

    47. Matteo Kovac

      Amazing how this lady can work for FC Barcelona and yet she cant answer a single question that her colleague is asking her... 2021, lol.

    48. haya1512

      48:20 no, it's a horrible kit!

    49. haya1512

      40:10 memphis was not player of the year in france. It was mbappe

    50. haya1512

      2:00 @talkFcb

    51. Daniel Kinkela

      felicitation crack bienvenue a la casa

    52. Youtube Premium


    53. ABRI HJ YSF

      He will wear no 9?

    54. Miguel  TV

      Uno de mis favoritos jugadores, tiene proyección, es habil con eo balón, tiene regate, las mejores vibras para este jugadorazo

    55. Александр Шинкаренко

      I think it is one of most useful transfers in Barca history. Even Griezman had more sense.

    56. Juan Jose Menendez

      From my point of view the best system por BCN is 4-3-3

    57. jjajja12f

      Cerdiño desk

    58. Sig Beatz

      I hope and pray he gets a fair amount of game time!

    59. Sig Beatz

      Memphis know Barca has a history of racismo why bro?

    60. M. Ibtihaz Islam

      We need to get an 'Official Presentation as a Barca Player' when Lionel Messi finally signs!

    61. Ankit Rai

      How Many Goals And Assist For Memphis? We'll Meet Here After This Season.

    62. Gilberto Guerrero


    63. Kenneth Martínez

      Welcome to Barcelona Memphis

    64. Restoration333

      hello everybody❤️❤️

    65. Safar Taqiyev

      is you got all money of The World you Will sign same player ? what about a hole in our defence/De ligth? Saul in mildfield?Emanuel Martinez as 2 nd goalkeeper? no?..........

    66. FCBARÇELONA بالعربي

      مرحبا بك ممفيس في فريق الاساطير برشلونة 👏

    67. عبدالله الثنيان

      مسي بجدد عقده مع برشلونة ام لا

    68. Iracema Silva

      Welcome lion🦁🦁🦁🤞🏻

    69. Joaquin Esparza

      Maybe 15,16,16,18....

    70. Eugene


    71. Daniel Preuninger

      Herzlich willkommen beim Fc Barcelona Memphis Depay Forca Barca 💜👍😍😊

    72. Daniel Preuninger

      welcome to Fc Barcelona Memphis Depay Vamos Forca Barca 💜👍😍😊


      La defensa del BARÇA tenía muchos jugadores bajos y débiles, lo que los llevó a ser relegados a menudo al final de la temporada. El Barça necesita desesperadamente comprar un defensa central, un centrocampista defensivo con la misma fuerza y altura que A.Romagnoli, A.Bastoni, Laporte, G.Mancini, L.Goretzka .... para equilibrar la plantilla.

    74. 51semarang

      Naturalmente Memphis tiene que practicar la lengua! Communication es muy importante! Frenkie has to learn spanish, than Memphis can also learn the language! Hopely MEMPHIS CAN SCORE A LOT OF GOALS FOR BARCA!⚽️👍👍

    75. Ro Ni

      *un asco la camiseta*

    76. jesus Libengue


    77. Asrie Handayanti


    78. Ayman Alneser


    79. BAMBA ASSURANCE Official Tv

      numéro 9 🔵🔴

    80. Finan faizal Gaming

      Fc barcelona can you please we Want live full matches in youtube Please Please Please Please 🙏 Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

    81. Carlos Fernández Lázaro

      Song name video presentation?

    82. bosco khongsai

      Someone as good as Memphis, who actually wants to play for Barcelona, is welcome with open arms. Anticipation is overflowing ❤️❤️❤️ from India

    83. LIBAZ 10

      Don't Sell Griezmann😢

    84. Daniel A


    85. ابراهيم العراقي

      منور النادي العشق

    86. Zammy ‘BusDriver&TrainLover’ Martínez

      Memphis is gona do very well watch i just have a feeling

    87. S. Vidhan

      Barçelona Is My Life ,My Home ❤️. MésQueUnClub.❤️ BarçaForever ...ForçaBarça✊💪🔥I would Feel Lucky if u reply me Barcelona 🙏🙂

    88. Cacaroto DB

      Podrán traer a todos los que quieran pero mientras tengan a KOEMAN no van a ganar nada .

    89. Taufiq21 Jackass

      We need defender

    90. Zquuen GT


    91. Twitchable


    92. Ahmad Herbudi

      Main di sayap lincah. Keren. Good luck Memphis 😎

    93. samuel ramirez

      tenemos ataques buenos messi memphis depays griezmann i qun aguero

    94. samuel ramirez

      esta fichando muchos jugadores buenos este verano

    95. samuel ramirez

      el futuro del barca ba a ser muy bueno

    96. Injilia Malonda

      Welcome home🇳🇱❤️💙

    97. Tillen Bill Agwa

      Welcome Memphis .GO! GO! CULERS!!!

    98. Hamaa7

      We have 9 strikers but guess what? Still not a solid N9. Can't wait for this next season.

    99. Per07

      es una mentira este memphis

    100. Fans Club World

      Neymar ❤️❤️